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    Istanbul Kâtibim Karagöz House (IKKH) founded by Hasan Hüseyin Karabağ in 1998- Üsküdar. Karabağ, started to play Karagöz with a Fikret Terzi script “Ah Karagöz Vah Karagöz” in Istanbul Metropolitan Theater. He is guided by his teacher Tacettin Diker. He also participated in workshops and classes in Istanbul City Theatre given by Ihsan Dizdar. He performed the Karagöz role in different plays.

    He studied in the Karagöz School, directed by Tacettin Diker in Children’s Foundation. He had a chance to work with masters. He started to write his own plays and created his own Karagöz designs.

    1997 – 2000 He teached Traditional Turkish Theatre, creating and playing designs in Gösteri Sanatları Merkezi GSM (Visional Arts Centre).

    1999 With IKKH, he joined charity community and Children’s Foundation in earthquake area. He performed Karagöz shows, in tent cities.

    1999 With suggestion of Tacettin Diker and İhsan Dizdar he was accepted to UNIMA Turkey.

    2000 – 2004 He worked at Karagöz House in Beyoğlu.

    2000 He joined The 3rd Ülker International Puppet Fest.

    2000 – 2002 During the foundation of Adapazarı City Theatre he had helped as a teacher, a director and an actor. He performed Karagöz Apple candy during the theater season.

    2002 Karabağ, performed regular shows in June, July, August every Saturday in Topkapı Palace Darphane-i Amire Building.

    Additionally, Karabağ joined The 8th International Bursa Karagöz Festival.

    He performed a play in the 7th Traditional Theatre Fest of Turkey in Amasya.

    With a project by Istanbul City Theatre, he went to all around in Turkey and performed Karagöz in primary schools.

    2003 He produced workshops in Stuttgart Lindenmuseum “Der Lange Weg Der Turken“ – “Long Journey of Turkish exhibition” and he consulted Frankfurt Offenbach Ledermuseum. He also performed shows that were not previously planned, due to new invitations.

    2004 He joined the 4th Amsterdam Workshop, about silent movie with Nederland’s Film museum’s invitation. He played Karagöz with English subtitles. For small children he performed plays that he recited in Dutch language.

    In “Ragıp Tuğtekin Karagöz Designs Exhibition” (by Yapı Kredi Bank) he performed shows for visitors.

    2004 Hasan Hüseyin Karabağ was honored by a traditional belt, by his master Tacettin Diker.

    Sultanahmet Karagöz House had opened in Sultanahmet Akbıyık Caddesi No: 47 address in December. For different events, Karagöz plays and design maker’s figures were exhibited. Karagöz workshops continued.

    Istanbul Katibim Karagöz House, was ranked first, in a competition ran by Gebze Autoliv Cankor firm.

    2005 March 5–13th he participated in the Turkish - German Theatre Festival, by Köln University and Studio Bühne in German

    In April, Sultanahmet Karagoz House ended its activities. In May 2005 IKKH performings lasted in Sirkeci.

    2006 IKKH Participated in Taza International Youth Theater Festival in Moracco.

    In April 23rd, IKKH performed in the Children’s Museum of Rome, Italy to celebrate the Turkish Children’s Holiday. IKKH was supported and charged by the Turkish Ministery of Culture and Tourism.

    Istanbul Kâtibim Karagöz House, is a member of UNIMA (International Puppet Actors Union), TODER (Theatre Actors Association) and ASSITEJ (International Child and Youth Theaters Union)

    Istanbul Kâtibim Karagöz House tries to answer all demands from primary schools.

    With the beginning of tourism season Istanbul Kâtibim Karagöz House, became a center of attention. There are regular shows in Sirkeci Acting Saloon on every Sunday at 06:00 pm.

    Thursdays are theatre reading days. Theatre, puppet actors, dramaturges and students are reading the fragments and discussing about them.


    Tacettin Diker – Karagöz, Puppet and Ortaoyunu master. (Akbank Puppet and Karagöz Theatre)

    Hasan Hüseyin Karabağ – Actor of Istanbul City Theater, Fatih University instructor. (Marmara University Communication Faculty- Journalism – M.Ü. Radio TV Master.)

    Caner Bilginer – Actor of Istanbul City Theatre, Gösteri Sanatları Müdürlüğü (Visional Arts Center) prelector.

    Muammer Yılmaz – (Istanbul University-Theater Critics Writing and Dramaturgy.)

    Seden Edgü – Theater actress, Drama Leader. (Bosphorus University – Tourism Management, Anatolian University- Management, Public Relations)


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